The Heritage Quilt          Project of New Jersey
The Heritage Quilt Project of New Jersey's documentation and research resulted in:

--a book, New Jersey Quilts 1777 to 1950: Contributions to an American Tradition, by Rachel Cochran, Rita Erickson, Natalie Hart, and Barbara Schaffer (Paducah, KY: American Quilter's Society, 1992)

· --a traveling exhibit at four museums in New Jersey from December 1992 to November 1993 and at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society (now known as the National Quilt Museum) in Paducah, Kentucky, from January to April 1994

· --a research paper, “Characteristics of Signed New Jersey Quilts 1837-1867,” by Rita Erickson and Barbara Schaffer, published in On the Cutting Edge: Textile Collectors, Collections, and Traditions (Lewisburg, PA: Oral Traditions Project of the Union County Historical Society, County Courthouse, 1994)

· --a presentation and panel discussion, “Characteristics of New Jersey Quilts, 1777-1867,” by Rita Erickson and Barbara Schaffer at the “What’s American about American Quilts Symposium” at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in 1995, later published in the Symposium's Proceedings, What's American about American Quilts: A Research Forum on Regional Characteristics

· --a book, Herstory: Quilts of Hunterdon County, New Jersey 1820 to 1950, by Veronica Mitchell (Xlibris Corporation, 2005)

In 2004, the photographs, data sheets, and administrative records of The Heritage Quilt Project of New Jersey were donated to Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries.

In 2009, complete electronic data for the quilts were added to the Quilt Index at Michigan State University and are available at